about dawn casteel-lorick

Advocate for Animals ~ Consultant for Their People

I’ve loved animals all my life and have always felt an intense kinship with Nature.  As a kid, I was very shy, except when it came to animals.  There was a trust and understanding between us that transcended all else.  I would sit for hours at the base of a tree, feel her bark against my skin, and marvel at the insect life that paraded up and down her trunk.  Birds would sit in the low branches and chirp away.  Sometimes, I’d spot a fox, deer, snake, or the occasional bear.  I felt safe with them.  There was an exchange between us that there was no need to define.

Dawn at the Ashokan ReservoirLong before I formally studied with people, the animals in my life were the most inspiring teachers.  I have learned so much from a wide variety of animals and Nature beings along the way.

And now, I’ve come back to their teachings almost exclusively.

There is usually a defining moment, and that came in the early 90s.  My beloved cat, Jessie, had come in with a severely deep chest wound.  Without getting too graphic, the most I’ll say is that it looked as if another animal had gotten hold of him.  It went right down to the bone.  I rushed him off to the vet who declared that sadly there was nothing we could do for him.  It couldn’t be stitched and shouldn’t be covered up, he said.  But, there was something in Jessie’s and my exchange that told me otherwise.

We went home and I began to “imagine” him healed.  I sat for hours at a time and worked with him.  He was a very willing partner.  Energies coursed through both of us, and we listened intently for instruction.  Breathe light into the wound, was uttered from some distant voice.  And, so I did.  Each day he healed a bit more.  It really didn’t take long at all.  Within a week he was racing around and being his usual feral self.

I took him back to the vet just to be sure, and he said that he had no explanation as to how this could have happened.  Said this cat shouldn’t be alive right now.  Well, Jessie and I just looked at one another and didn’t say a word.  At least not until we were back in the car together.  I burst out laughing and he sat there in his carrier.  “See?  You just gotta believe,” is all he said.  We had quite a few exquisite years together after that, he and I.

So, shortly after that intuitive healing, I took my passion and began to study formally.  Some of these studies included Reiki master training, dowsing, a two-year healing arts school (Sacred Center for the Healing Arts), animal communication, T-Touch, crystals, canine massage, and more.  Over the years, I’ve re-designed and refined a program with my own protocol of intuitive healing and interspecies communication.

I’ve worked in sanctuaries, shelters, TNR programs, rescue, and in the field.  I have also performed with a musical trio, GaiaWolf, that among other topics, gives “voice” to animals and their concerns.

Indeed, my greatest, most eloquent, and most patient teachers have been the animals and Nature beings themselves.  I’ve spent a lifetime listening and learning.

My gift in return is devoting the rest of my life to assisting animals (wild, captive, and companion) and the people who share their lives.   The best is yet to come.

I so look forward to partnering with you and your companion animals in embracing the joy, peace and fullness of life we all want to live.

I reside in Woodstock, NY in the beautiful Catskill Mountains with my husband, EC, who writes amazingly beautiful songs for the creatures of the planet, and three formerly feral felines, Momma Lily, Sweet Pea and Percival  (well, they’re still kinda wild!).

For the Wild Ones,


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