our wild neighbors


Hope (January 22, 2010 – September 16, 2011)

The Wild Ones are being asked to share an ever-shrinking portion of this planet.  They are some of our greatest teachers and advisers, if we will listen.  To observe these amazing Beings in their own habitat is to Fully Embrace Life.

My experience has been that the path we walk with animals is a spiritual journey. Whether it be the chickadee who flutters down in the morning to greet us, the red-tailed hawk who seemingly guides our car, the bear who passes by our window only to disappear into the woods as silently as mystical black smoke, or the animal companions with whom we share a home.

If we take the time to slow down, breathe, listen closely, and pay attention, we begin to witness an incredible unfolding ~ one of unconditional love, nurturance, joy, compassion, and trust. We open our hearts and minds to all possibilities.

Let’s remember the ones who’ve been relegated further and further out of their natural environments and give them a helping hand whenever we can.

Let’s also embrace those who are in captivity and unable to live their lives of freedom.

For the Wild Ones…Until All Are Free.



The sign in the room with the gorilla, Ishmael, reads on one side, “With man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?” and, on the other side reads, “With gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?”

From Daniel Quinn’s book, ‘Ishmael


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