If you’d like to sponsor Dawn to come to your home/barn to teach, please email or call (518. 275 . 5062).  Your fee for the program will be waived in exchange for the sponsorship.

Classes available include:

Animal Chakras. ~ We learn the basics of each animal chakra placement and what they represent. We work with possible issues that may reside there and ways to help balance the animal.

Our Sacred Connection with Animals. ~ We explore our origins with animals, both domestic and wild, and deepen our insight to their way of being and also with ourselves.

Orenda’s Journey. ~ One-day outdoor nature playshops. ~ We spend a day in the woods getting in touch with our authentic selves.  Through guided meditations, unique observations, journaling, song, whatever the Nature Spirits have in store for us.  It’s a day of letting go of doing.  We embrace Being.

Crossing Over: Sacred Time. ~ Although this can be a most difficult time for people as their animal crosses, it can also be a time of sacred contemplation and a deepening connection.  We explore this deep connection with animals that have shed their physical bodies and welcome their insights from spiritual existence.

Accessing our Inner Animal. ~ Find the animal within.  There may be many living inside of you.  Who comes out to play on this day?

Animal Mentors. ~ This is an in depth program whereby we go on a 6 month journey of what an animal in your life has to impart for you.  This can be an animal you’re currently living with, a wild visitor who lives outdoors, or an animal that has crossed over.
The teachings of animals can open our eyes to life like none other.

Please check back as more classes and programs become available.

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