tails from the other side

“In one of the stars I shall be living.  In one of them I shall be laughing.  And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night…”

~ Antoine de Saint-Expupery from “The Little Prince”

Miss A’ s Tails from the Other Side

August (a/k/a Miss ‘A’) is one of my greatest teachers.   Even though she is no longer in her physical body, she still teaches me what it means to be in partnership with her and all of life.  No matter that she struggled with health problems the entirety of her existence, to her, life was pure joy!

My love for her runs deep.

Miss A in a treeBecause of her physical challenges, she was never outdoors alone.  I was always with her.  But, she made it clear that she wanted to feel the sun on her body and the earth beneath her paws.

And, 16 years later, January 31, 2011, as I sat with her for three days during her transition from physical body to spirit body, she continued to teach. Trust, Patience, Compassion, Joy, Love. She taught me to be with stillness.  She taught me our physical bodies are just that, and when we slip them our spirits soar.  During the days following her completion into her newest adventure, she sent me signs daily to remind me that we are so much more.  We are not tethered to these bodies.  We are…freedom and love.  We are the Universe herself.

“Tell my story!”  ~ Miss A, feline extraordinaire

Following is a brief collection of voices heard before, at, or following transition. We remember those who have graced our lives and slipped their physical bodies.

“Rise to Knowledge.  Know no bounds.

Feel your feet above the Earth and below the Earth.

Time is Endless.

See with the Eternal Heart.

Embrace Joy.”

~ Bella (rescue kitty in Virginia)

“Tell me I was the best dog ever.”

~ Dannie (rescue dog in Virginia)

“It’s like sparkling light,

Like the best flavor in the world,

Like dipping your paw in sunshine.”

~ Tibit (beloved feline)

“Ocean and Sky meet.  Witness the Blue.

Within a single eye — the Whole World Exists.”

~ Kenya (African grey parrot)

“I am never far away. Please tell them that I didn’t mean to break their hearts.  Sometimes a body is only meant to burn fast and bright for a short amount of time.  I had a most glorious time!”

~ Chewee (Wonder Dog)

“I am the whisper of the breeze.

My heart is your heart.

There is no separation.  Speak and I am in your heart place.

Let your very Being soar.

Be what you are seeking.”

~ Sophie (Sweet Feline)

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