“It’s hard to describe exactly what Dawn does, but whatever you call it, it’s amazing. We were really in debate about what to do with our cat, whom we knew was very sick, but was such a trooper.

“I’m not a very spiritual person, but it was plain to see that Dawn was something special, the minute she walked into our home.  Our cat was waiting for her.  She communicated to us that he understood that he was ready to go.  There is no doubt in my mind that this was true.  Our cat’s behavior demonstrated exactly this.  He spent a bunch of time with his love, his mother (my wife), and then he came over and said goodbye to me (I kid you not!) and then he walked over and sat in front of the vet!  There was no doubt in our minds that he was ready and we were doing the right thing.

“The service and tribute Dawn provided and performed was amazing.  She brought flowers and candles and sprinkled in little bits of ceremony throughout the time she was in our home.  We wanted to do something special for our cat, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

~Brian T.
High Falls, NY

“I dont know if you expected this, but we are bowled over by the change in ‘B.’ He seems to have calmed down completely. Tuesday we thought this is just a reaction to all the work Dawn did, but then Wednesday, both before and after his stay-n-play, he was a different dog. He did get excited about his leash, but the waiting worked and he got leashed up successfully. Yesterday we took him out in the car since we were both going to various doctor appointments, and although he is still anxious in the car – even with the thunder blanket – he spent over an hour quietly with D. either walking or sitting with him in the car.

“But, the big surprise came yesterday afternoon when friends came to drop something off. He jumped up for a moment, but then settled down at our feet, quietly while we talked. They regarded this as pure magic (being one of those who previously did not really want to visit because of the barking and hysteria), and we do too.

“Maybe this happens with all the animals you communicate with, but we are living a totally different life. It may change, but I think we are approaching B. differently, and hopefully we can harness his energy successfully. We can’t thank you enough. Thank you.”

~D & G

“Dawn is simply amazing at what she does.  When I knew the time was coming near for me to put my dear cat, Stan, down I felt helpless and torn.  It is hard to know when the time is right.  Dawn has an incredible gift and is able to communicate and connect with animals on a very deep level.  To my relief she let me know that Stan was ready and at peace.

“Before I was even connected to Dawn (and this happened rather synchronistically!), I envisioned having a nice ceremony or ritual to honor him during his passing, but I never fathomed anything as special as Dawn made this occasion.   My husband and I were able to have a vet come to our home for the euthanizing, so Dawn was there for Stan and for us during this transition.

“She came an hour before the vet did with flowers, stones, oils and many other beautiful items to create an intimate and loving atmosphere. Stan seemed to thoroughly enjoy Dawn’s presence and her healing work as well as the beautiful ambiance. We were able to tell stories about Stan, reminisce, and express our deep love and gratitude. It was very moving to do this out loud with another person who genuinely cared and understood. Stan showed that he knew exactly what was going on in incredible ways, and he went so very gracefully.

“I cannot express how blessed I feel that we were connected with Dawn.  It was one of the most powerful and moving experiences I have ever been a part of.”

~Alison K.
High Falls, NY

“Dawn Casteel-Lorick has an amazing gift. She sat with my dog Duke in the waning days of his life and shared a message that touched me deeply and helped put my mind at ease. Beyond her abilities as an animal communicator and healer, Dawn is a compassionate, caring and gentle human being. I highly recommend her.”

~Annie Scholl
Brooklyn, NY

“To invite Dawn into your life is to bring a jewel into your circle. Her healing skills are based on sincerity, continual training, and a deep spiritual core not found often in today’s world.  This planet needs more Dawns around.”

~Thurman Greco
Reiki Master Teacher, Author (Reflexology for the Spirit)
Woodstock, NY

“Dawn’s work is organic and deeply intuitive.  She accesses layers of knowing that are not available to most of us, allowing insight on issues from the most practical to those that are deeply spiritual in nature.  She holds a very gentle and wise space that quietly reconnects her clients to the ebb and flow of the natural world and our abiding place within it.”

~ S.H.
Accord, NY

“There are very few people in this field who I consider ‘the real deal,’ but I can honestly say Dawn is all of that and more.  I am always excited to hear what stories not only my own personal animals have to tell, but also the stories the many rescued animals I work with within Barn Cat Buddies have to say.

“She has heard me cry and has cried along with me as she retold the many wise thoughts of the animals that are about to or have passed this plane. Dawn continually delights and enlightens with her depth and sincerity.”

~ Diane Novak
Barn Cat Buddies, Inc., Hardy, VA

“What can I say? Dawn is one of the most authentic and caring healers I have had the pleasure to work with.

“I have been amazed at Dawn’s gift with helping people know what is going on with their animals.  She has helped me with three of my cats.  Dawn has treated my elder cat, Mickey, a few times.  Especially after the death of two of his companions at two different times.  When Shadow died I was beside myself because he got sick so suddenly died within a week.  I needed to know why he died and if he was okay.  Dawn was able to communicate with him even though he passed.  Shadow’s message was so comforting for me.  We took in Tuxy, a neighbor cat that was going to be put in the pound, shortly after Shadow’s passing.  Two years with Tuxy and he was unfortunately hit and killed crossing the road.  Dawn worked with Tuxy even though he crossed over.  I also had her work with Mickey because he seemed to be very upset about Tuxy being gone.

“Dawn worked again with Mickey about eight months after Tuxy’s death because we were wondering if it would be a good idea to adopt another cat for a companion for Mickey.  Dawn was able to tell us that Mickey was looking for a friend and she was able to tell us what attributes this cat should have.

“We adopted Maxwell from the SPCA of Kingston, and Dawn facilitated a healing session with him — she shared why Max was so scared and recommended a flower essence blend she created. She also taught me what he needed for food. He definitely was the best choice as a companion for Mickey and our family. If you want to have the best relationship with your companion animals and be able to take care of them the best possible way get a session with Dawn. She is the real deal, and don’t your pets deserve that?”

~Michele Tomasicchio
Made with Love (Amazing Hand-crafted Skin-care Products)
New Paltz, NY

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  1. Sydelle says:

    I just had a session with Dawn for my dog, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know who feels better, me or my dog, because we all felt an authentic connection. The communication was real. I am amazed and in a much better frame of mind. Dawns wisdom and abilities will help me through the harder times ahead. I am grateful to know her.

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