Q.   So, how does it work?  How do you do what you do?

A.   Each session may be very different depending on the individuals involved, so although there is no set answer to that question, here are the basics:

For long-distance energy healing/animal communication

After our first initial contact, you fill out the client questionnaire, which gives me information about yourself and your animal companion, and you include a recent photo.  You send that form and photo back to me, prepay via Paypal, and we set a day and a time to have a session with your animal.

The way this part generally works is that I sit in meditation and am guided to a connection with your animal. We then commune. This can last anywhere from one to two hours or so. I then transcribe the session in an email and send that to you.  Then, we speak on the phone or continue via email, and I assist you in laying out a plan according to your animal’s specific needs, which could include physical, emotional, and/or spiritual components. For example, his or her issues could be related to diet, exercise, genetic history, an emotional situation, play, etc.

For a home session, we generally set aside a two-hour session after you initiate contact by filling out the intake form and then reserving your session. We allow the animal to get comfortable, and then I listen to find out what their specific needs are that day. I will show you some hands-on techniques, and we’ll set up a plan for both of you based on the information I am able to glean from the animal in his or her home environment.



Q.  How long is a session?

A.   A session can last anywhere from 1 to 2½ hours.  The sessions are all very individualized and depend on each situation.

Q.  How many sessions does it take?

A.   Again, because each animal and person is an individual, it will vary. Sometimes it just takes one time (for example, if we’re gleaning specific information). With energy healing work, I recommend a commitment to a minimum of four sessions. Just like with people, animals’ physical and emotional issues do not crop up overnight ~ and are usually not resolved that quickly, either.

Q.   Can I participate?

A.   Absolutely! This is a member of your family, and the more you take an active role in the sessions, the better it will be for all involved.

Q.  Do we come to you?



A.   Sometimes, but mostly I go to an animal’s home so I can be in their environment while we work. They’re most comfortable there, and I get a chance to see what issues may arise. But, of course, this depends on our proximity to each other. When I work with people, they often come here unless we are working at a distance as well.

Q.   So, what if we live far away?

A.   Since energy and telepathy know no time or physical boundaries, distance work is often accomplished this way, and can be very effective! It can actually be preferred in the case of animal communication; there’s less chance of outside stimuli blocking the flow. I often combine energy work and animal communication as these modalities are enhanced as a healing unit. The same is true for sessions with people, except that we are on the phone or internet together in real time.

Q.   Do you work with people, too?

A.   Definitely! In fact, our animal families are often merely reacting to our own behaviors and patterns and often mirror and reflect back to us in many ways, so it’s always preferred that the humans in the household get clear themselves. I actually love working with people as these times we live in are so exciting spiritually and metaphysically that we can now speed up our healing processes and keep in tune with the Universe.



Q.   How do I get started?

A.   Once we’ve made initial contact by phone or email, I’ll direct you to download a questionnaire to fill out and send back to me. Then, we either set up a date and time for me to come to your home, or we arrange an appointment for long-distance work to begin.

Q.   Do I have to be involved?

A.   The short answer is yes. It’s definitely preferred. Since we are talking about a family unit, we want to work together to bring harmony, love, respect, play, and joy to the household.

Q.   If I want to make an appointment for myself, what do I do?

A.   Contact me by phone (518 . 275 . 5062) or email, and we’ll set something up.  People generally come to my healing cabin in the woods. It’s a gentle, supportive, transformative space. People sometimes bring their animal as well. However, I also do long-distance sessions for those who do not live in the immediate vicinity.

Q.   How about our animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

A.   This is one of the areas that is closest to my heart and that I’m most touched by.  I love to help animals and their people in this way. I offer grief support in this challenging yet precious time and, most importantly, we sit together and honor the life of your beloved companion. I can communicate with your animal friend before, during and after the transition occurs which can help bring peace to your heart and help your animal know you are cared for.

I will also offer a beautiful ceremony that celebrates the bond you shared.

To get started, click here to pay now.

 ~ This is not intended to replace veterinary care,

but to be a complement to it. ~

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